AP World History Review Wiki

As part of the final review process, we are going to be taking the Snapshot and Comparison section of the AP World History curriculum and creating our own version of Wikipedia. The finished product will act as a review guide for the AP Exam.


In groups of 2-3, students will
  • research their assigned topic using their textbook, the Internet, and books.
  • write a detailed, but concise response to the topic. Use of lists is encouraged. Make sure you include the relevant facts and how they are connected, significant, etc. Important people and terms will be defined as links within the article.
  • link your page to related pages created by other groups.
  • validate other articles (to be assigned based upon number of people in the group), making changes and additions if appropriate.

The Wiki

A wiki is a web site that anyone (who has access) can edit. That essentially means that you can edit any page on the wiki. It also tracks every change and allows anyone to revert to previous versions of a page. Each student will receive a specific login and all changes they make will be linked to their name.

For this project, you will be creating a page and several sub-pages (with more information on important terms and people) for your specific topic. You will receive a short tutorial as to how to create pages, format them correctly, and link them to one another.

It will be up to students within a group to coordinate their editing or edit only under a single account. Multiple users editing a page at the same time as someone else could erase changes or the entire page.

APWH Exam Topics

PowerPoints from this year.