Non-European Countries During World War 2

Though World War II had major wreckage, and destroyed everything in plain sight, the biggest concern, however, was the similar effects World War II had on places outside of Europe.


  • Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 stirred up conflict in Africa.
  • Half a million Africans fought for the French.
  • Production in Africa was of great importance because of the halt in industry in Asia.
  • With European influence, the price of living went up in Africa making it harder for the African working class.
The Story of Africa and World War 2
(African soldiers fighting for the British during ww2)
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United States
  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.
  • Hitler declares war on U.S.
  • US equipment helped the British neutralize the Soviets.
  • Later US troops helped in the British air raid on Germany.
  • Navy struggles in the Pacific against Japan at first but come back to dominate using the "island jumping" technique.
  • Drop atomic bombs in Hirojima and Nagasaki after Japanese defeat. (this lead to a technological race with Russia).
The United States Role in World War 2
(US carrier near the Phillipines,1944)
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  • Entered into the Tripartite Pact with Rome and Berlin
  • Pearl Harbor prompted United States entry to WWII
  • Japanese pursued expansion, "Asia for Asians"
  • The defeat of Japan, and its occupation by Allied Forces led to westernization
  • Japan modernized into a strong, industrial economy
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

Japan: Post World War 2

The Middle East

  • As Hitler came to power many Jewish people immigrated to Palestine
  • Iranian Revolution breaks out and the Shah gets shot

Middle East and World War 2

  • The Soviet Union goes totalitarian
  • leadership of the communist party goes to Joseph Stalin; imposed five year plans and collectivization, which led to many dead
  • Nazi Soviet pact was signed by the Germans to ensure no invasion by them
  • suffered immeasurably
  • land warfare {on russian territory}
  • built large and powerful army
  • great reasource and population
  • Superpower

Russia in World War 2

  • spilt {divisions}
  • Nationalists attempts to assassinate emperor

  • brought communism
  • reestablishes diplomatic relations
  • League of Nations
  • armistice
  • Henry Pu Yi last emperor
  • Japanese captures Manchuria

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