0.Though WWI had devastating effects on Europe, it also heavily impacted other parts of the world in many ways. Because of the war, many different countries competed in an arms race to make more devastating weapons, however the price that was needed to keep it running was too great for most. The governments of the warring countries had to compensate for the loss of people and recources, so they looked to the rest of the world for assistance. Some could not lend a hand to the war in Europe because they were having enough trouble in there own land.

To China, war was nothing but European conflict, but as things progressed they found themselves being drafted because the casulty rate was too high to keep recruiting new people so they branched out to their colonies. Also at this time, China was slowly heading for a revolution. They had to deal with the warring Nationalist party and the Socialist (communist) party. With Jiang Jeishi leading the nationalsit and Mao Zedong leading the Communist.

Africa had previousely been divided up into many different colonies controlled by the major nations of Europe. When war broke out, all the colonies controlled by Germany(sub-saharan Africa) ,except Ethiopia and Liberia, were reclaimed by the Allied forces. However, Germany was not completely out of Africa untill Nov.11, 1981 (1981?? what???)

- Italy invades Libya (1911)

-congress is created

-propaganda starts up
-restrictions on civil liberties

-Japan(1914)/ Ottomans(1915) enter war
-colonials drafted
-Russian Revolution(1917)
-Irish nationalist revolt aginst Brittain (1919-1921)
-Great war weakens europe and sets up stage for decolinization (especially in africa).
-War helps spread idea's of self-determination around el mundo (The world).

Women throughout the world played a huge part in both wars. While the men were out on the front lines, the women were the ones building the artillery and planes that were sent to the front.
  • Worked in ammunition factories
  • Wanted rights, rise of womens' rights
  • Restrictions of civil liberties/censorship
  • Criticism against war efforts considered treason
  • Self-Determination thought up

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