Advanced Placement World History Binder Requirement

Organization is a key component to your success in AP World History. As a result, you will practice good organization through the use of a binder. You must have a binder that you use ONLY for AP World History. It will be periodically and randomly checked and assigned a grade in the work category.


• You must have the following sections tabbed:
  • Reference Materials – Handouts that focus on the logistics of the class. These will all be the same color (blue).
  • Essay Writing – Handouts regarding writing the three different type of AP World History essays. These will all be the same color (green).
  • Textbook Notes – Must be dated and titled, paired with chapter cover sheet (buff).
  • Lecture Notes – Must be dated and titled, can include print outs of PPTs downloaded from web site.
  • Work – Assignment log packets.
• You must keep organized, accurate, and neat at all times.
• You must bring it everyday!
• You must keep it stocked with blank lined paper.

Failure to have an organized notebook and/or not having it on any given day will result in a loss of points.