(China), 1750-1914


  • The Opium War- conflict between chinese and british over opium trade
  • Unequal Treaties- result of Opium War
  • Taiping Rebellion- series of rebellions throughout China
  • Qing Dynasty
  • Cixi the Empress- supporter of Boxer Rebellion


  • Opium ruined trade
  • Treaty of Nanjing- an unequal treaty that China forcibly agreed upon at the end of the Opium War


  • Christian missionaries resulted in unequal treaty


  • Opium
  • Coffee and tea houses
  • End of Foot Binding


  • Self Strengthening Movement
  • Hundred Days reforms
  • Liang Qichao, a scholar of Hundred Days reform movement
  • Boxer Rebellion


  • Industrialization
  • War and Steam Ships
  • Trans-Siberian Railway
  • The Grand Canal- linked Yangzi and Yellow river valleys and attacked by the British forces

Near Geographic

  • Carved out by European Nations