Americas, 1750-1914


- luddities detroyed mills and machines blaming them for unenployment
- Parliament passed laws to restrict child labor
-socialists, followers of socialism, worked to send kids to school and create ideal communities
- universal male suffrage
-followers of communism wanted the abolishment of property


-1900, US was an economic powerhouse
-businesses and factories were expanding
-moved economic production out of the house
-constantly attempting to industrialize, spread out, and gain money




-raised material standards of living
-the more stuff and extravagant it is, the higher your status
-problems in the demographic transition, the shifting patterns of fertility and mortality, was occuring
-many, such as Karl Marx, began to take action toward the dream of transforming the newly created industrial world


-Henry Ford made working more convenient with assembly line


-steam engine, created by James Watt, was crucial for shipping
-factory system replaced putting out system
-railroads were built for transport

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-size of US was used to their adv.
-lots of space to expand
-resources to industrialize