(Africa), 1750-1914


  • In the 1750's, regional kingdoms ruled over most of Africa with the exception of the Ottoman empire in the North
  • Most regional kingdoms fought against one another for slaves
  • In the 1900's, the Berlin Conference carved up Africa into their own states
  • Imperialism broke out in Africa areas from Europeans
  • Egypt became free with Muhammad Ali's help but eventually was controlled by the British


  • Slaves were the major export for European guns
  • Slaves went to the Americas and other colonial regions
  • Later though, raw materials became the main export
  • Cecil Rhodes was one of the successful business men who started the diamond and later gold trade in Africa
  • Suez Canal was built in Egypt to have goods from India to be shipped faster to Europe
  • Indentured labor came from all parts of the world to come to work on Africa's mines and plantations


  • Throughout this period Africans kept their native religions
  • Islam ruled in the north with the Ottomans and a little in the east along the coast
  • Christian missionaries came into Africa throughout this period winning converts trying to get more and more to convert to Christianity


  • White men were in power
  • Same sort of ruling system
  • As time goes on, White men became more powerful by spliting clans with their new boundaries
  • Destroyed clan groups which is called the White Man's Burden


  • Got new technologies from the Europeans like guns and later railroads
  • had well built cities at one point but either were destroyed or Europeans didn't believe Africans could make such a thing
  • Africans began to be looked down apon by Social Darwinisms because white was believed by them to be better then all races of the world

Near Geographic

  • Near Europe and later controlled by them
  • Some areas were more united then others with geography
  • The climate in Africa made life for Europeans difficult which later made life hard for the Africans
  • Social groups were defined by different geographic locations not big states that the Europeans later create which made confusion, chaos, and making unification hard for Africans