Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems



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Agricultural and pastoral production
  • New improvements in agriculture grew into more sophisticated ways of planting and exploiting certain areas of the empire
  • Pastoral Production mostly stayed teh same during this time
Trade and Commerce
  • Xuanzang led to the development of outside trade with countries like India.
  • The Grand Canal, made during the Sui dynasty led to more trade throughout the inland parts of China connecting the major rivers in China together
  • The Tributary System led to other peoples getting ideas from the Chnese which influenced trade in different parts of asia
Labor Systems
  • labor stayed mostly the same with slaves working on massive projects
  • The samurai were a type of labor to the shogun in Japan because of their loyalty to them which kept all the labor systems in check.
  • The industrialization of paper lead to the beginning of keeping better records of history and to exchange ideas better too
  • China becoming industrialized lead to them thinking of themselves as the Middle Kingdom because they knew a lot more then other empires during this time.
Capitalism and socialism
  • The Equal Field System lead to the establishment of equal land to everyone in China
  • These were some of the beginning thoughts of socialism found in China